By Dennis NIcewander, Assistant State Attorney, Broward County, FL
Legal Forms
     Below, you will find some sample search warrants, court orders and subpoenas that will assist you in your investigations.  Please keep in mind that different states may have different requirements and no single form fits all situations.  The  forms I have provided are simply there to give you some ideas and to get you started if you are not experienced in these areas.
These forms are for law enforcement use only, so please email me at the email on the home page
with your name and law enforcement agency and I will provide you a username and password. 
Generic Search Warrant Application
Generic Search Warrant
Search Warrant Application for Suspects's DNA
Search Warrant for Suspect's DNA
Search Warrant Forms
Search Warrant Application for Seized Cell Phone
Search Warrant Application for a Computer
Subpoenas and Court Orders Etc...
Search Warrant Application for Yahoo Account
Search Warrant for Yahoo Account
Basic Search Warrants 
Computer/Electronic Device Warrants
Search Warrant Application for Facebook
Internet Provider Warrants
Arrest Warrant Affidavit
Arrest Warrant
Peer to Peer Affidavit (CPS Historical)
Peer to Peer Warrant (CPS Historical)
Comcast Subpoena  
ATT Subpoena
Yahoo Subpoena
Search Warrant for Facebook.
Miscellaneous Forms
Consent Form for Computer 
Court Orders
Mobile Tracking Application
Mobile Tracking Order
Subpoena Request Form
Preservation Letter
Historical Cell Site Application
Historical Cell Site Order
2703d Application
2703d Order
Peer-to-Peer Case Law Summary